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Step-by-Step Guide to Learn How To Build An Online Community, A Personal Brand, And Grow Your Business With LinkedIn

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Not sure where to get started on LinkedIn? It no longer needs to be the misunderstood social media platform. This high-level program will show you you how to build a great personal and company profile, build a big community, understand the content that works, and the tricks and tools to help you find success. There is a lot happening on LinkedIn right now and you don’t want to miss it!


Course Introduction


  • Course Introduction



  • Profile Introduction
  • LinkedIn First Impressions
  • Develop a Personal Brand
  • Headline and Summary
  • Brand Examples
  • Profile Experience and Education
  • Media on Profiles
  • Profile Skills and Recommendations
  • Profile Background
  • Public Profile and Contact Details
  • Profile Contacts and Social Media
  • LinkedIn Settings - Account
  • LinkedIn Settings - Privacy
  • LinkedIn Settings - Communication
  • Export Connections



  • Connections Introduction
  • Researching People
  • Connect vs. Follow
  • Who to Connect With
  • Accepting Connections
  • Making Connections
  • Invitations Practical Tips
  • Connection Communication
  • Removing Connections
  • Messaging Tips
  • Communication Script



  • Searching Introduction
  • People Searching
  • Other Search Types
  • Search and Google
  • Search Alerts



  • Groups Introduction
  • LinkedIn Groups

Social Selling


  • Social Selling Introduction
  • What Is Social Selling
  • Social Selling Theory
  • Social Selling Triggers
  • Notifications
  • SSI Score



  • Content Introduction
  • Newsfeed Setup
  • Newsfeed Topics
  • Types of Content
  • LinkedIn Algorithm
  • Making Posts and Writing Articles
  • Content Analysis
  • Improving and Boosting Content
  • Content Good Examples



  • Premium Introduction
  • Premium Accounts
  • Premium Business Features
  • Premium Learning
  • Sales Navigator Overview
  • Sales Navigator Searching
  • Sales Navigator Search Comparison
  • Sales Navigator Search Alerts
  • Sales Navigator Learning



  • Integrations Introduction
  • ProFinder
  • Slideshare
  • CRM Integrations



  • Automation Introduction
  • Dux Soup Free Version
  • Dux Soup Premium
  • LinkedIn Helper

Job Seeking


  • Job Seeking Introduction
  • Jobs Search and Profile Tips For Job Seeking
  • Networking for Job Seekers
  • Pre-application and pre-interview steps

Company Pages


  • Company Pages Introduction
  • Company Pages
  • Creating a Company
  • Company Page Updates
  • Companies - Posting A Job
  • Company Website Demographics



  • Advertising Introduction
  • Company Advertising Types
  • Sponsored Content
  • Text Ads
  • Sponsored InMail
  • Matched Audiences
  • Redeeming Coupons
  • Lead Generation Forms
  • Advertising Analysis

Conclusion, Planning, and Metrics


  • Conclusion, Planning, and Metrics
  • Daily Time Planning
  • Daily Time Planners
  • Metrics to Measure
  • LinkedIn Metrics

About Your Instructor

Anna Macafee

Anna Macafee

LinkedIn Expert

“Build a bigger table, not a taller fence.” Community is what I believe in, both online communities and offline communities. I also love LinkedIn, and spend a lot of time here. I aim to support others in creating connections, experiences, encouraging others to share their stories, and to produce content that adds value to others.

A large part of my current focus is on social networking and how we can better build community and connections in the digital world. I help my clients get the most out of social media, with a heavy focus on LinkedIn, assisting them in growing their business through genuine connection and storytelling.
My professional background is in recruitment and IT. Throughout my career I have advocated technology when training businesses and recruiters in order to maximise success (initially through CRMs and then this grew into a focus on LinkedIn).

I am also a co-founder of the #LinkedInLocal movement, having held the first one globally in June 2017. One of my current focuses is continuing to build this idea, inspiring similar events around the world, promoting the idea of building online relationship offline and supporting local businesses.

In general, I am always seeking (and sharing) innovative ways in which to save time, stand out from the crowd, grow your business, redesign your work practices, and have fun at work! I throw into the mix some ideas around being a working parent and I'm swtiching off on Sundays in 2018 (#letsswitchoff).

I am always keen to meet new professional acquaintances. Please reach out if you want to talk #linkedinlocal, LinkedIn community building, LinkedIn stategy, getting social online, training, new business opportunities, or if would like to simply follow my updates. Connect with me here or my email is After all, creating and fostering relationships - and helping others - is a cornerstone of conducting business today.

Skills You Will Learn

Grow Your LinkedIn Profile

Vet The Right Prospects

Advertise Through LinkedIn

Create The Best Connections By Building Real Relationships


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