Google Ads Academy

Google Ads Academy

Discovering the Secret of Google Ads Success

Learn How to Make Killer Ads... Then Optimize Them to Make Them Unstoppable Conversion Machines

Are you feeling overwhelmed by everything Google Ads has to offer? My program will show you how to take control of Adwords and get the results you (or your clients) deserve. I’ve structured my course to be a complete blueprint anyone can follow.

My class will help you speak confidently on the topic of Google Ads management. This is NOT an expanded webinar – I’m not pitching you a product and I don’t pad my course with “fluff” content
that wastes your time. This is a legit, get-your-hands-dirty, very in-depth course on how to create campaigns that WORK. I know your time is valuable… I will literally give you the framework you need to start running killer Google Ad Words campaigns and, ultimately, get more sales.


What Is Google Ads?

This is a multi-module online course with heavy focus on technical learning (the platforms and the services themselves). I will give you step-by-step guidance on how to set up a campaign, select ad groups and keywords, then optimize your ads through keyword management and negative keywords. And that’s just the beginning...

You will learn the difference between PPC and SEO, how to write good ad content, best practices and how to avoid common mistakes. I’ll also show you CPA techniques, advanced tracking techniques and how to properly audit an existing Google Ads account that you’ve taken over.

By the end of the course, you will know the components of a successful Google Ads campaign – as well as a basic mastery of how online advertising works.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to Navigate Google Ads and streamline account setup and management.
  • How to Setup Google Ads Campaigns and create ad groups and keywords.
  • How to Optimize Google Ads Campaigns including keyword revision and negative keywords.
  • How to Audit an Existing Google Ads Account and drastically increase overall performance.
  • PLUS much more!




  • Welcome to The Google Ads Academy
  • Weekly Facebook Live Schedule

The Basics - Foundation Ads Overview


  • What is Google Ads?
  • Account Structure
  • How Keywords Work
  • Negative Keywords
  • Writing Winning Ads
  • Ad Extensions
  • Key Metrics
  • Quality Score
  • Google Ads Account Structure Guide
  • SEO vs PPC
  • Google Ads Master Negative List

Setting Up A Search Campaign


  • Module 2 Overview
  • Getting Organized
  • Using Google Keyword Planner (Part 1)
  • Using Google Keyword Planner (Part 2)
  • Keyword Planner - Interface Walkthrough
  • Google Ads Campaign Planning
  • How To Create Your First Campaign (Part 1)
  • How To Create Your First Campaign (Part 2)
  • Google Ads Campaign Setup Checklist
  • Google Ads Campaign Planning Template - LASIK EXAMPLE
  • Google Ads Campaign Planning Template - BLANK

Conversion Tracking & Analytics


  • Module 3 Overview
  • Basic Conversion Tracking
  • Ecommerce Tracking
  • Phone Call Tracking
  • Offline Conversion Tracking
  • Integrating Google Analytics
  • Conversion Tracking Set-up Step-by-Step Guide
  • How to Set Up a Google Voice Number
  • How to Set Up CallRail Phone Tracking For Google Ads

Landing Pages


  • Why Landing Pages Work
  • Successful Landing Pages
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Landing Page Software
  • Landing Page Checklist

Campaign Optimization


  • Module 5 Overview
  • Search Terms Report
  • Auction Insights
  • Monitoring Quality Score
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Ad Optimization
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Bid Adjustments
  • Campaign Management Checklist

Display Campaigns


  • Module 6 Overview
  • Intro to Display
  • Targeting Options (Part 1)
  • Targeting Options (Part 2)
  • Ad Formats & Design
  • Gmail Ads
  • Display Campaigns
  • Google Display Ad Specs Cheat Sheet

Shopping Ads


  • Module 7 Overview
  • Intro to Shopping Ads
  • Google Merchant Center Account Linking
  • Google Merchant Center Part 1
  • Google Merchant Center Part 2
  • Product Feed Introduction
  • Product Feed Setup
  • Shopping Extensions
  • Links & Resources For Shopping Ads

YouTube Campaigns


  • Module 8 Overview
  • Intro to YouTube Ads
  • Targeting Options
  • Video Ad Formats
  • YouTube Ad Integration Walkthrough


  • Max CPC & ROI Calculator

But Wait, There's More

Students Training Group


$591 value
Network with other Google advertisers and ask me questions for 3 months at no cost to you. I normally charge $197 for access to this Private Group but you are getting it for FREE for 3 months! (Along with my Live Account Audits!)

Campaign Templates


$1,500+ value
Save countless hours by using our "tried and tested" Google Ads campaigns templates that will get your clients amazing results! You can charge your regular price for a setup ($1,500 +) and the job will already be 90% done for you.

Keyword File


$250+ value
Get the exact same universal negative keyword list we use to build all of our Google Ads accounts. This will save you time and your clients money. This is an absolute must when creating Google Ads accounts.

Don't Take My Word For It

I signed two new clients this week. Your encouragement, specific advice and your templates help give me the boost, confidence and "next steps" to help grow my business.
Chris Corbett Web Strategist & Owner at Buzzworthy Web/Austin, TX
I just wanted to take a minute to tell you what an amazing job you did with the course!! Every time I watch a video I think, "Gosh this is SOOO good!" All of the additional demos, resources, templates, etc. are so perfect and far exceeded my expectations when I signed up...
Ashley Acker Digital Marketing Specialist & Owner at Capture & Convert Local Marketing
It was fantastic! So much more content than I had initially anticipated! I would highly recommend it for anyone looking to get true business training on what and how to offer digital marketing and advertising to high end niche clients.
Johanna Gardner Certified Digital Marketing Expert

About Your Instructor

Caitlin  Schlichting

Caitlin Schlichting

Google AdWords Expert

I help freelancers, young entrepreneurs, and internet marketers start and scale their own digital marketing consulting business.

As a part-time digital marketing consultant and freelancer for many years, I eventually decided to ditch my full-time day job and pursue my dream of running a digital marketing agency. I've been through the "crunch" period that most entrepreneurs encounter when they make the leap from cushy, full-time employment to the scary world of having only your brain and your skills to rely on to feed your family and pay your bills. It's an exhilarating and empowering feeling, and my mission is to help others navigate this difficult time with grace and ease, and come out the other side successfully.

I have been in marketing since 2006. Since that time, I have developed, consulted and managed online marketing projects ranging from Web Design and Development, Online Video, U/X, CRO, SEO, PPC, Online Media, Online PR and Social Media Marketing. I've managed digital strategy for large organizations as well as small businesses, and I have also run my own digital marketing agency, owned my own businesses and worked as a marketing consultant for all types of businesses which allows me to bring a unique perspective to the table in almost any situation.

I hold specialized certifications from Google in the areas of Google Search/AdWords, Google Advertising, Google Display, Video Ads, and Analytics which enables me to bring businesses the most efficient and effective pay per click and search engine marketing techniques. I am also a trainer and educator in the areas of Paid Search (Google AdWords/Bing Yahoo), Data & Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media (Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter/Pinterest), Email Marketing and Web Design.


Online and Digital Marketing Strategy

Graphic Design

Search Engine Optimization

Google Analytics

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Email Marketing


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